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Brandon accomplished much in his too short life. He started school at Elbow Park elementary, then to Rundle College and Western Canada High School. Brandon worked multiple jobs while completing his Education. After graduating with Honors, he started at The University of Alberta in Economics. He then transferred to The New York Film Academy where he was the class representative. He was given a writing scholarship in their summer workshop program and he graduated from their MFA program. He interned at the Montecito Picture Company who produced films such as GhostBusters, Disturbia, Hitchcock, I Love You Man, and many others. Returning to Canada he worked in Calgary and then enrolled in the Vancouver Film School where he had just graduated. Having a passion for art, he also attended classes at Langara College taking Stand Up Comedy, writing and computer graphics. He also maintained his development at the Leslie Kohn acting school and in Calgary, acting lessons at the Company of Rogues.

Shortly after graduating from Vancouver Film School he started his own company called ZClay Fresh. Zclay is an integrated design and production company that blends original art and messaging and branding to help companies get their message across. Zclay uses the original artwork of local and unique artists to create products that display integrity and imagination.

Brandon’s travelling of the world over these years is legendary, having summited Kilimanjaro when on a charity mission, trekking to Everest Base Camp while also raising funds. He ran with the Bulls in Pamplona Spain, scuba diving the great barrier reef and New Year’s Eve in the Sydney Opera House. He raced camels around the pyramids of Egypt, indoor skied in Dubai, climbed the Eiffel Tower, went to the Vatican and Sistine Chapel in Rome. Greece, Scotland, London, theatre in New York and many other adventures. His next desires were the Great Wall of China and Macchu Picchu. Brandon passed away in June, 2012.



Philanthropist, “a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others” is not generally a word used to describe a 26 year old. Brandon was greatly influenced by both his mothers’ and fathers’ families, and their community involvement. He innately felt that this was just a part of your life – to be giving and involved in charitable community work. Brandon's Grandfather often said ‘by helping others, you help yourself’.


Brandon was involved in many different charity projects over the years. At 15 he raised a record amount of funds, at that time, for The Canadian Cancer Society by shaving his head in support of his Cousin and Uncle who both survived Cancer.

Brandon's interest in civic politics led him to work on the Mayor campaign in Calgary. Raising money for The Ssubi Foundation and travelling to Uganda to help build a school library was a labour of love in honor of his Uncle Rick.

Brandon was so thankful for the people that supported him and his father when they raised money for the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation to help build a hospital and school in Nepal, and travelled to Everest base camp to see it.
In honor of his grandfather he signed up to raise $2500.00 for the Pro Am Alzheimers hockey tournament. Now Curtis Wettstien, and Corey and Kirk Hunn play in his honor.
Many Christmas Holidays he arranged Christmas baskets with his family and friends and dropped them off for various local charities. Inn From the Cold was and continues to be a favourite Charity of the Flock family. The Family Christmas Ball was a special event where he enjoyed himself while supporting charity. The times he volunteered at St. Mary's Sunday dinners were special times.


While attending Arts School himself he recognized the need for financial assistance for deserving young students seeking their passion in the Arts. This was the seed for the Brandon Flock Foundation.


being an actor.

My name is Brandon Flock and I am an Actor. I started acting and modeling at a very young age. It is what I love to do. I believe that art mimics life and introduces people to a new level of self-discovery. It offers us a greater understanding of other people and their stories making the world a more tolerant place. The make believe world enters our minds and our hearts to create a world so real, we for a short time forgot our own.


The field of dramatic arts opens the door to what is possible. We begin to image the what-ifs, our dreams dance across the screen and we face and conquer our most ferocious villains that come to us in the dark of night. I am the humble artist that becomes the vehicle for these experiences to be told. I am an Actor.


For a stage performer telling a story in live theater is much like the initial anticipation of   sky diving, just before walking on stage your heart rate elevates, you’re scared but then you lose yourself in the beauty of the story and the moment is surreal until you return your body, mind and soul to its origin. I am Brandon Flock.


Modeling is the art of persuasion. The clothes, the image, the walk does not belong to you. You are a blank canvas for a message that needs to come out. A magical mirror that will change the look and create the fantasy of all who come to see their reflection.


But for me I believe it is the combination of the actor’s ability to perform and the great cinematography that will tell the most realistic story.  A tale told on film, a movie capturing the actor metamorphing himself into a character so real that you feel his heart break, you can experience his sexual excitement of true love, and his darkest fears are exposed in every crease in his face. I am the actor that studies my trade so I can weave the very soul of my character into my performance. I go deep inside myself to find the emotions that I use to intensify the reality of my character. I look, I watch and I notice the unnoticeable what no one else can see. I see deep inside the very being of what makes the ordinary person a character on the screen we can relate to. I can make you love me or I can make you hate me.


My experience in these three genres and my continuing education to develop myself as an actor has only increased my desire to work in this tough unpredictable and most often inequitable field of entertainment.  But I have no choice. I am an Actor.

film resume.

Brandon Flock
(778) 986 5015 •

Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue


SAIT - Lead - The Graveyard Shift
FEARLESS FLYERS (Feature) - Lead - Dir. John Henry Richardson
HERE’S THE THING - Series Lead - Dir. Michaela Hughes
TAKE ME AWAY - Lead - Dir. Matt Harrison
BEST FRIENDS - Lead - Dir. John Henry Richardson
GRAVEYARD SHIFT - Lead - Dir. Jordan Scott

PROOF - Hal - Victory Theatre (Los Angeles)
BEYOND THERAPY - Bruce - Victory Theatre
GOLDEN BOY - Joe - Victory Theatre
LONE STAR - Roy - Victory Theatre
THE PARLOR - Nicky - Victory Theatre
WOOLGATHERER - Cliff - Lillian Theater (Los Angeles)


Vancouver Film School

(1-year Intensive Acting for Film and Television, Completed August 2011)
Instructors: Bart Anderson, Bill Marchant, Nancy Sivak, Kurt Evans, Jim Bates, Joey Bothwell, Ian Rafell, Andrew Moxam, Roger Haskett, Andrew McIlroy, Trevor Duval, Brian Markinson, Carol Kelsey, Suzane Hepburn, Brad Gibson, Mikal Grant, Cara McDowell, Michal Robinson, Sheila Langston, Olivia Olsen, Adam Henderson, Matt Fentiman

Classes Included: Acting, Scene Study, Dance, Stage Combat, Dialects, Voice, Movement, Singing, Audition, Improv, Camera Acting, Text Analysis, Voice Over, and Several Special Seminars

New York Film Academy

Universal Studios, Los Angeles ( MFA Acting Program, completed June 2008)
Class Valedictorian
Instructors: John Henry Richardson, Jack Huang, Maria Gobetti, Valorie Hubbard, Amy Chaffe, Mark Bacci, Suzanne Kent, Michaela Hughes, Rick Kostenik, Denise McCarthy, Denise Moses, Ben Hopkins, Jerri Tubbs, Michael Mathews, Kacie Stetson, Anthony Montes 

Classes Included: Meisner Technique, Scene Study, Theater to Film, Acting for Film, Monologue, Text Analysis, New Media Acting, Acting for TV, Comedy & Improv, Movement, Stage Combat, Film Fighting, Speech & Voice, Audition Technique, Cold Reading, Shakespeare

Lesly Kahn & co. Los Angeles (intensive month to month class September 2008 – Jan 2009)
Instructed by Lesly Kahn and John Rosenfeld

Company of Rogues (intensive month to month audition classes June – August 2009)
Instructed by Christianne Hirt
Montecito Picture Company, Los Angeles (internship)
Responsibilities included: reading scripts and breaking them down to be passed up the company.

Skilled at most sports.  Certified Ski Instructor. Certified deep sea Scuba diver, Have tried many extreme sports (Kite Boarding, Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Skateboarding, Heli-Skiing, and Surfing) Well Traveled (summated Mt. Kilimanjaro, Pyramids of Giza, and Thailand to name a few), Card Player, Cook, Proficient with Final Cut Pro and Final Draft, Firearms training,horseback riding,hiking base camp,Everest

film resume.
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